God Creation Project - Cloud 9 Space 当代造神计划


God Creation Project contains a series of interactive, vibrant, and dynamic floor-based knitted sculptural works. Displaying a diverse approach to form and space, these god statues created upon methods of machine knitting, solidifying knit structure, plastic moulding home objects, and physical computing. This project explores how god creation as a form of shelter and spiritual escapism. The God Creation project can be considered as a physiological stress response toward an unstable social and political environment. As a spectator, participant, and victim, Jiaxi felt extreme anxiety to connect with the outer environment and felt the insignificance of herself. Escaping the oppression of reality, she created a shelter for herself.

Cloud 9 Space



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 FULL CLOUD 9 SPACE FILM                                               INTERACTIVE DESIGN OF CLOUD 9

The God Statues