Contextile 2022, following a strategy of cooperation and rapprochement between the territory, the Embroidery of Guimarães and the Textile Industry with the contemporary textile art, summons artists, national and international, to conduct artistic residencies having as objective the creation and production of artistic works from the concept proposed by the Biennial.

8 artists: Jiaxi Li, Johanna Stella Rogalla, Lars Preisser, Paloma de la Cruz (Call), Julie Bénédicte Lambert, Tina Struthers (BILP), Adelina Ivan e Indrė Spitrytė, Pedro Bastos (Magic Carpets).

The Hoarder of Memory, 2022

This is a journey of materializing time from a subjective point of view. As a mortal
existence, human beings inhabit and interact with spaces and time physically and
spiritually. Brimming over with objects that allude to the deepest self, the domestic
environment encloses the traces of humanity, history, and relationships. Everything is a
mirror reflecting the trace of others. An object is not an individual entity but a compound
structure of traces of time and reflections of life. I sanctify and place reverence on the
everyday and the neglected.
Knot by knot, start with threads, by modifying the nature of knit, I build sculptures from the
material that should not stand up. Through these knots of time, the record of duration was
'retained' and sealed in the diverse dimensions.


work in progress