Materiality Method: Paper Recycling

      Before the popularization of the smartphone and computer, the paper was the means of expressing and delivering knowledge and information. Paper-making was once considered a high technology. In ancient Egypt and ancient China, people use them to record history, technology, literature, and important drawings. It was once expensive and extremely precious. It was once the only method to leave the trace of civilization in the human history. I captured, recorded, made a note of what happened. Similarly, I want to see how paper can record of what I do, what actions I take, how I leave a trace of my action in a living space. Paper as a very interesting material, without any artificial adhesive, it dries and become another piece of paper or another shape of paper. I want to recycle the paper in my private space and use it to record the neglected and unintentional trace. In this case, water is the glue. The fluid that joins things together and fuses the trace marks into the garments.